Disaster recovery (DR) doesn’t always get the attention it deserves at midmarket companies — it can be expensive, time-consuming and resource-intensive. But studies say that between 80% and 93% of smaller businesses won’t survive beyond the first two years after a catastrophic data loss, proving the necessity of a well-laid disaster recovery plan.

Don’t get caught off guard. New technologies and managed services options have helped make DR affordable on any budget. Learn how to stay protected without spending a fortune in this roundup of disaster recovery strategies and best practices.

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  What are your options for outsourced DR?

In the past, midmarket organizations either had to wait 48 to 72 hours to recover data from tapes or pay for more expensive, more advanced solutions offering faster recovery times, such as disk-based replication. Now, Storage as a Service and other disaster recovery/business continuity services are filling the gap with affordable, on-demand solutions. These online services automate functions that traditionally required investment in infrastructure and time. Options include:

  • Backup as a Service: Backs up your servers over the Internet to the vendor site.
  • Storage as a Service (also referred to as disk-to-cloud): Sends a copy of your data to the vendor electronically, versus physically transporting tapes.
  • Replication as a Service (virtual recovery): Replicates your data and system information to vendor sites and recovers your data on virtual machines.
  • Application Continuity as a Service: Recovers business applications.

To learn more about these four subscription-based disaster recovery services, read “New offerings that may cut the cost of your IT disaster recovery plan.”

Source: SearchCIO-Midmarket.com Staff

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