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  Tech experts react to annual World Backup Day. Source: As we reach the annual World Backup Day of the year, it is important to focus on the importance of backing up to avoid losing important files that could have been saved with a simple back-up procedure. I, for one totally know how this feels […]

Amazon Cloud Failure

Usually people don’t notice the “cloud” — unless, that is, it turns into a massive storm. Which was the case Tuesday when Amazon’s huge cloud-computing service suffered a major outage. Amazon Web Services, by far the world’s largest provider of internet-based computing services, suffered an unspecified breakdown in its eastern U.S. region starting about midday […]

I read a very interesting article about 2017 predictions for SMB’s closing due to Cyber Attacks.  Businesses surveyed concerns have risen concerning their technology, email and documents. It’s not just big firms like Target or Home Depot that need to worry about cyber security. Forty-three percent (43%) of all cyberattacks target SMBs.(1) Not surprisingly, our data […]

The biggest advantage of cloud storage is that it not only allows users to access files anytime, anywhere but readily sync them to enable sharing and coauthoring of the documents with ease. This advantage, however, makes it susceptible to security threats and attacks. Statistics reveal, most organizations find cloud storage to be the riskiest. This […]

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management – Last fall after being asked by our customers we did some research into an issue a lot of they were facing, how to manage all those devices employees bring to work and wanting to use for business. no plus ones